Completely made in recycled and pressed paperboard available with avana or white cover. It is a good substitute for polystyrene but with higher performance in terms of protection and resistance. In certain sizes, it can achieve a degree of rigidity similar to that of wood. Items from any kind of industry and sector can be […]


    A polyethylene ring stretchband available in various sizes. The ideal solution to enhance the indoor and outdoor handling of goods and make it safer, with many advantages and possible uses.

  • asymmetrical edge protectors

    Manufactured in pressed paperboard. Its distinctive feature is the asymmetry of the two sides, which can be used in a wide variety of combinations. This product can also be supplied with avana or white lining.

  • flexible edge protector

    Designed to protect goods with  both curved or irregular profiles such as coils, tubes, drums and cylinders in various materials. Made of layered paperboard and lined in either avana or white paper.

  • uncoated CORNER protectors

    A particularly cheap corner protector mainly used inside cartons to protect the goods contained within.

  • 3D Corner Protectors

    Designed to protect corners. Made of recycled pressed white paperboard, available in avana and white.